Medical malpractice is not a one size fits all issue. There is a very wide variety of doctors out there, which means the possibility for a very wide variety of malpractice cases. One type of malpractice case that often threatens patients is Psychiatric Malpractice.

Psychiatric malpractice occurs when a patient becomes the victim of their psychiatrist’s neglect or abuse. Psychiatrists can be wonderful resources for people who are experiencing any mental problems such as depression, anxiety, feelings of stress or sadness, or after any kind of conflict. They are able to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illnesses to help their patients in every aspect of their lives. Seeking treatment from a psychiatrist is increasing in popularity now that mental health awareness has increased and people are realizing the benefits.

Millions of Americans are finding great success with psychiatric treatment each year and experiencing the benefits. Unfortunately, there is also a large group of people who have been mistreated by the people they thought would help them. That is when a Psychiatric Malpractice case occurs and it is time to seek advice from a Medical Expert.

Dr. Edward Mallory is currently an Attending Physician at Wuesthoff Rockledge Hospital in Rockledge, Florida where he sees patients in the Psychiatric unit daily. This experience has given him the confidence in Psychiatric Malpractice cases that is needed to benefit his clients. It is extremely unfortunate that psychiatric malpractice cases occur and Dr. Mallory is very comfortable handling the ins and outs of these dilemmas.

Medical Experts work with patients who believe they have experienced Psychiatric Malpractice to prove in court that they were mistreated by their Psychiatrist. Here are some examples of common Psychiatric Malpractice cases:

Abuse of Power

There are several ways that a Psychiatrist could possibly abuse their power and cause harm to their patient. A few examples of abuse of power include sharing information without patient consent, threatening the patient, and physical abuse. Doctors are meant to do everything they can to help their patients and should never use their status or power for anything other than helping.

Exploitation of Trust

As doctors, Psychiatrists are expected to maintain their professionalism during all encounters with their patients. That means that patients should never be given a reason to doubt the relationship that is between themselves and their doctor. Confidentiality should be strictly maintained and no boundaries should ever be crossed in order to maintain the professional relationship that takes place between the doctor and the patient.

Failure to prevent a patient’s suicide

If a Psychiatrist knows that a patient is at risk for dying by suicide, they have a responsibility to take every step they can to prevent it. This may put a great deal of pressure on the profession, but they are educated health professionals that are trained in the field of mental health and that means they should be equipped with the proper techniques, treatment plans, and medications to handle the situation. Failure to do so could result in a tragedy for the patient as well as for the Psychiatrist’s career.

False Repressed Memories

Recovered Memory Therapy is a common treatment for doctors to use on patients and help them through current struggles. However, if a false memory is revealed to a patient as an authentic memory, Psychiatrist’s run the risk of entering a Medical Malpractice case. The false memory would have to be proven by methods in court and a Medical Expert like Dr. Mallory would be able to assist further on proving the case.

Improper Prescriptions

In order for a Psychiatric Malpractice case regarding improper prescriptions to be relevant, it had to have been the doctor who made the mistake. Cases where the pharmacist or the drug manufacturing company neglected to deliver the correct medication are not the same as a Medical Malpractice case. If a Psychiatrist prescribed a medication that ended up actually causing a patient harm, it is likely that a Psychiatric Malpractice Case is in order.

If you believe that you have been a victim of Psychiatric Malpractice, call Dr. Edward Mallory and discuss your case in further detail. Every patient deserves the treatment they need by doctors who are trustworthy and responsible. It is possible that you have experienced a case of neglect or mistreatment and Dr. Mallory is the Medical Expert who can help you get the justice you deserve.