Expert witnesses are a pivotal asset for plaintiffs filing a lawsuit against someone else, particularly in the case of medical malpractice. If you were injured and are filing a lawsuit against a negligent doctor or someone else, expert testimony can strengthen your case exponentially. Here is what you need to know about what a medical expert witness does, how their services can benefit you, and what to look for when hiring one.

What Does A Medical Expert Witness Do?

A medical expert witness is a physician, often a surgeon but may be any medical professional with advanced skills, that offers expert testimony in a personal injury case. Typically, the purpose of a medical testimony is to educate the judge and jury on how the plaintiff was injured, the severity of the injury, and how the injury has limited their ability to live a normal, fulfilling life. Expert witnesses have the ability to present complex medical information in a way that the average person can understand, as this is critical for the success of an injury lawsuit.

What Kind Of Education Does A Medical Expert Witness Need?

A Florida medical expert witness is a physician first and foremost. They must complete any continuing education and residency requirements for their field. Although there are no education requirements specific to being a medical expert witness, usually physicians who offer expert testimony in Florida malpractice cases are highly accomplished and credible within their particular field.

How Do You Know If You Need a Medical Testimony?

If you’re involved in a Florida medical malpractice suit, you may be questioning how valid the necessity of medical expert witnesses really is. The truth is that any malpractice case, and even other types of injury cases, can benefit from having an expert witness on board. While the cost may outweigh those benefits in cases where the potential settlement is low, the need for compelling medical testimony increases directly in correlation with the value of the settlement. In other words, the higher the possible settlement, the more important it is for you to hire an experienced expert witness.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Medical Testimony?

Having an expert witness on board can make your case significantly more persuasive, which is the key influencer in your success. If your case lacks credibility and your argument isn’t well-founded, chances are you’ll either receive a low settlement offer or your case will be dismissed entirely. It’s critical that your case is presented in a sound, logical manner and that you have the evidence to back up your claims. This is essentially what an expert witness will help you do. Your lawsuit gains strength, authority, and influence when you’re able to bring forward expert testimony.

What Should You Look for In an Expert Witness?

First and foremost, a medical witness should have compassion for people injured by malpractice. They should also be highly advanced in their field, having attained some of the top recognitions in the field. In addition to education and experience in the medical field, they’re considered an expert in, a medical witness also needs to have experience testifying. Getting on the stand and providing expert testimony can be overwhelming for physicians who have little experience doing so, even if they’ve been practicing medicine for many years. Look for an expert witness who has a number of successful cases under their belt.

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