I had the real pleasure of having Dr. Mallory on my side for a child abuse case. My ex-wife accused me of abusing our 3-year- old daughter. She saw some marks in her private area and accused me of causing them. Dr. Mallory reviewed the medical chart from the Emergency Room, and the pictures taken of my daughter’s bruises. After his very thorough review he wrote a letter to the judge and told him there was no evidence in the record that shows any child abuse. The judge ruled in my favor and all charges were dropped. Thank you so very much to Dr. Mallory for helping me in this case.
Stewart L.


I took my wife to the local Emergency Room for upper back pain that she had for about 2 days. She denies falling and hurting herself. She has a lot of arthritis and at first we thought it was it. However, when it kept getting worse we went to the hospital. Dr. Mikaya was the doctor that took care of Helen. She ordered a whole bunch of tests like blood work, EKG and a chest xray. She could not find anything wrong. she told us it was her arthritis acting up. Dr. Mikaya gave us some pain pills and sent her home. The next afternoon Helen and I were going to go to the local mall and so some shopping. When I went to get her, I found her on the floor in the bathroom. She was not breathing. I called the paramedics and they got there really fast. They took Helen back to the same hospital. A different doctor was there. This doctor was Dr. Peterson. He worked on Helen really hard but she died. I got a copy of the autopsy report and it said she died of a Thoracic aneurysm dissection. I hired Dr. Mallory to review the chart. He was very patient and listened to my questions and concerns. Dr. Mallory looked at Helen’s chest xray and said it showed the aorta leak. Dr. Mikaya missed it. Dr. Mallory wrote me a great letter and my attorney assures me when we go to court, we will win big. I can’t thank Dr. Mallory enough for helping me during this really sad time in my life.
Burt S.
My husband suffered a heart attack and went to the local Emergency Department for treatment. He was cared for by Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson diagnosed him with a heart attack and had him transferred to University of Tennessee hospital for a cardiac catheterization. We live in rural Tennessee. When my husband arrived at U of T hospital his condition was critical. He had the heart cath but died the next day at U of T. hospital. I felt he did not get good care at the local hospital. I hired Dr. Mallory to review my husband’s medical record. He found Dr. Watson did not give my husband any clot busting medication called TPA. If he had given my husband that drug, he might be alive today. With Dr. Mallory’s help I sued the hospital and Dr. Watson. I won in an out of court settlement. However, I miss my husband very much. Thank you Dr. Mallory for helping me in this case. My malpractice attorney was also really good.
I had surgery on my low back because I had 2 herniated disks. Dr. Cunningham was my back surgeon. He used metal plates and screws to connect my L2, L3, and L4 vertebrae together. After the surgery I had WORSENING pain and now both my legs hurt. Also, when I walked I felt like there was loose metal in my back. I told my surgeon twice how I felt and he did nothing. He said it was part of the healing process. When I finally went to another back surgeon for a 2nd opinion, this surgeon said all I needed was microsurgery and do a discectomy at two levels of my back. He ordered a CT scan of my back and he said one of the screws was loose. The 2nd surgeon was Dr. Arita. He went in and removed a alot of the metal and did two discectomies. Today, I still have some pain, but the leg pain is gone. I hired Dr. Mallory to help me sue Dr. Cunningham who screwed up my back. With his letter of malpractice,and my very good attorney I was able to receive $200,000. in compensation for Dr. Cunningham “butchering” my back. I highly recommend him for all your malpractice claims. He is a really nice guy.
April 17th, 2015
I am an attorney in Pennsylvania. I have hired Dr. Edward Mallory on numerous cases. The most recent one involved Mr. B., my client. He went to a local Emergency Department with a laceration to his arm. He cut it on a piece of broken glass. The Emergency doctor stitched him up and sent him home without looking for a foreign body or taking an xray for a foreign body. Mr. B.’s arm got infected and he had to go to another hospital for proper treatment. The second hospital admitted him and took him to surgery. The surgeon cut away dead tissue and cleaned all the pus out of it. With the help of Dr. Mallory Mr. B. was able to settle out of court for a 6 figure settlement. I will use him again in the future. He is very good at what he does.
November 2, 2015
I went to a local Emergency Department for pain in my uterus. The doctor there said I had a tubal pregnancy and I was admitted to the hospital. Dr. Simpson the obstetrician gave me Methotrexate to terminate the pregnancy. It caused me to have severe internal bleeding. They rushed me to surgery and the doctor had to remove my uterus and my left fallopian tube. Now, I can nolonger get pregnant and I have constant pain where my uterus was. I hired Dr. Mallory to review my case. He wrote an excellent letter detailing the Obstetrician’s mistakes and malpractice. With his letter and my attorney being so good, I won over $200,000.00 from Dr. Simpson’s malpractice insurance. Dr. Mallory did a great job helping me. I would hire him tomorrow if a doctor hurt me again like Dr. Simpson did.
July 7th