Many people assume injuries that occur at a gym are simply accidents or were the result of a patron pushing him or herself too hard during their workout. However, this is not always the case. Gyms can be negligent or careless in their upkeep of gym equipment, leading to injuries that might not otherwise be sustained during the course of normal exercise.

If you were injured at a gym, you may be able to hold your gym liable for damages. To bring a solid case against the gym, it’s important to have evidence on your side to show how you were injured and how it was directly related to the negligence of gym owners or managers.

Get a Medical Examination As Soon As Possible

Don’t be tempted to go home and ice your injury after being hurt at the gym. If the pain is mild to moderate, visit an urgent care clinic in your area for diagnostic testing and treatment. If the pain is severe, go to your local emergency room. Either way, it’s critical that you be seen by a medical professional right away after you are injured.

If you wait to get medical treatment, the injury could worsen, especially if you attempt to be active in any way. Additionally, you may compromise your case later on. The gym’s legal team may try to argue that you were not injured that badly since you waited to get medical care or that your injuries were caused by something else. Getting medical care quickly after an injury at the gym is crucial.

Did You Sign a Liability Waiver?

Many gyms require you to sign a liability waiver holding them harmless for injuries you sustain at the gym. If you signed a waiver, you may believe that you have no case against the gym at all. This isn’t exactly true. It depends on the language of the liability waiver and how it was written, and if enforcing the waiver would be unconscionable. For example, you may have signed a total liability waiver that waives your right to sue if you were harmed by negligence, but it’s unlikely that a court would enforce such a waiver if you were seriously hurt due to gross negligence on the part of the gym owner or manager.

Your attorney can review the paperwork you signed when you joined the gym and determine the best way to bring a case forward against the gym for your injuries.

The Importance of a Medical Expert Witness

Often, injury cases get complex. Understanding what type of injury you have and how the injury occurred may be difficult for a judge or jury to grasp, especially when complicated medical terminology is involved. Communicating this information in a way that the judge and jury can understand is one of the most critical components of your case because doing this ineffectively could cause your case to be dismissed.

A medical expert witness is a physician who has specific training or specialized knowledge in a particular field of medicine. They are considered unbiased and can present complex medical information in a way that a judge and jury can understand. When you work with a medical expert witness on your case, you have the advantage of a highly specialized medical professional helping to interpret what kind of injuries you sustained, how those injuries impact your life and your ability to work and complete daily tasks, and if those injuries are consistent with how you are claiming you were injured.

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