Have you ever watched ER or General Hospital and wondered if that is really what it’s like inside hospitals all the time? Grey’s Anatomy may sometimes seem a little too good to be true and it seems that no one is really clear on whether or not Dr. Oz is even a real doctor. These television shows are all based on fictional drama and have great storylines that stick with the audience in big ways. So, how do they get the medical information to go along with the storyline so well? More often than not, Hollywood script writers hire Medical Experts to provide medical information to write the scripts for your favorite hospital shows.

Medical Experts are hired to assist screenwriters with all of the medical elements of the story. They provide fact checking and medical terminology that helps the story be believable and realistic. Without the help of Medical Experts, extreme backlash from audience members can occur and severely damage the credibility and even enjoyment of a medical television show. When a storyline is able to incorporate real medical evidence and research, it is more impressive and can improve overall ratings of that particular show.

Since technology seems to be King of the Universe these days, it is extremely easy to voice an opinion of popular television shows and it happens every single day. These days everyone is a reporter and their reporting methods are primarily reliable on social media and blogging. With the help of hashtags and link sharing, if there is a flaw in the storyline of a television show that millions of people are watching, it spreads like wildfire. A Medical Expert can help ensure that flaws in medical information does not cause an episode of a popular television show or movie to completely flop and lose any fan following.

“It’s true, I saw it on TV!” Of course, not all scripts have to be 100 percent accurate the entire time, if it is a fictional story there is some room for slack. But viewers, especially those with medical backgrounds themselves, really appreciate and voice their opinion on shows that stick to the cold hard facts. No one likes to have themselves falsely personified, and that goes for doctors as well. People who spend their days within the medical field do not always appreciate Hollywood falsely representing their profession. They especially do not want to be put in the position of telling a patient that they cannot do something the same way that a television doctor did, because it is not medically correct.

According to medical professionals and people who have worked in hospitals, the most realistic of hospital televisions shows has always been the comedy, “Scrubs.” Although it is goofy and full of slapstick humor, the cases on Scrubs are often much more common than the rare and dramatic medical emergencies that occur on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ER. Scrubs has more to do with the social dynamic between doctors, nurses, and patients so it focuses on the human interaction rather than playing up heroic rescues and life saving acts of bravery. Incorporating real life cases that doctors actually see on a regular basis gives Scrubs a more light hearted feel that helps make room for the comedy to come through.

Medical television shows are not only entertaining, they also increase interest in students who want to attend medical school. Surely these students do not expect their studies and residency to be as heart wrenching and emotional as it was for the characters on Grey’s Anatomy, but it is certain that as much accuracy portrayed as possible is always appreciated. Medical Experts are the ones who can help ensure that accuracy.

The collaboration of Medical Expert’s and screenwriters is an extremely important and rewarding business move that enhances the believability of the Hollywood version of medicine and provides excellent entertainment. Dr. Mallory would be happy to assist anyone working on scripts or screenplays who need medical advice or assistance. And audience members will be happy to know that the medical information within the show is both accurate and entertaining.