When you or a loved one is injured or becomes ill due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else, you will be met with a number of sudden challenges that can be difficult to overcome. Healing from physical injuries and illness is just the start — bringing forward a claim with the assistance of an attorney can help you recover damages like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

However, winning a case like this can be difficult, especially when you’re up against physicians, hospitals, and their own powerful legal teams. Here’s how a medical expert witness can help and why all law firms who represent medical malpractice and personal injury cases should work with a medical expert witness.

Increase the Chances of Settling Out of Court

A big court battle is undoubtedly going to be costly and for many victims of medical malpractice, it’s a last resort and for good reason. When at all possible, reaching a fair settlement before court becomes necessary is the major goal, however, it’s not uncommon for the other side to drag negotiations out hoping that the plaintiff will get cold feet and settle for a lower amount just to avoid litigation.

Hiring a medical expert witness shows the other side you mean business, which can actually increase the chances that you’ll settle for more without having to go to court. Hospitals, doctors, and their lawyers know that when an expert witness is involved, the plaintiff’s chances of winning the case go up, so they are more likely to offer a fair settlement sooner.

Expert Witness, Expert Experience

Typically, an expert witness will have experience with very similar types of cases. When communicating facts about the injury and conveying complicated medical reports to juries, it’s important to have someone on the team who can do so in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand way. Even experienced attorneys may struggle to paint a picture of complicated test results and medical jargon, and if a jury is unable to comprehend the full scope of the case, you run the risk of not being seen in a favorable light.

An expert witness who has significant experience not only in their field of expertise but also the art of being an expert witness can prove to be invaluable for your case. They can help juries visualize and understand what happened to you, so they are more likely to award fair compensation.

Adding Credibility to the Case

Expert witness testimony can add credibility to a medical malpractice case, especially if the expert witness is a physician who has experience in or extensive knowledge of the specific field of medicine most applicable to the case. An expert witness will bring forward scientific facts, case studies, and unbiased information, inherently making the case more compelling.

Expert witness testimonies tend to be highly persuasive for juries, simply because the person testifying is considered an expert in their field. Expert witnesses will present their information in a clear and concise way, without regard to whether the plaintiff or the defendant will benefit from the information — instead, the expert’s duty is to scientific integrity. Even when the other side attempts to discredit an expert witness, the witness’ testimony and their credentials often still stand.

Why All Law Firms Should Hire an Expert Witness

Few types of evidence in a medical malpractice case are as powerful as an expert witness testimony. An expert testimony has the ability to present complicated subject manner in a way that can be understood, and their credentials give their testimony more weight than the average witness. Medical malpractice cases can be difficult to litigate, and when law firms work with an expert witness, they give their clients the best chance possible to win their case and receive the full and fair compensation they deserve.

Get an Expert Witness on Your Case Today

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