Malpractice Insurance: How Does It Work?

Beyond a medical degree, there is one more necessity for every healthcare professional and that is medical malpractice insurance. Of course it could be argued that knowledge, experience, and trusting patients are the most needed ingredients to be a doctor. But all of those things eventually need something to back them up, and that comes [...]

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Can I Sue Medical Websites?

We’ve all been told to not believe everything we read on the internet. That piece of advice is not the easiest to follow when we have our smartphones glued to our hands for the majority of the day. So what is the tipping point of trusting the internet? If you’re relying on the world wide [...]

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Malpractice on Cruise Ships

Feeling sea sick? If you are enjoying a beautiful cruise, that shouldn’t be an issue. It is actually required by law that cruise ships have medical staff on board for passengers who are feeling under the weather during their vacations. However, this wasn’t always the case and unfortunately, not all cruise ship medical staff live [...]

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Psychiatric Malpractice

Medical malpractice is not a one size fits all issue. There is a very wide variety of doctors out there, which means the possibility for a very wide variety of malpractice cases. One type of malpractice case that often threatens patients is Psychiatric Malpractice. Psychiatric malpractice occurs when a patient becomes the victim of their [...]

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Medical Experts Make Medical TV Shows Possible

Have you ever watched ER or General Hospital and wondered if that is really what it’s like inside hospitals all the time? Grey’s Anatomy may sometimes seem a little too good to be true and it seems that no one is really clear on whether or not Dr. Oz is even a real doctor. These [...]

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Can Bedside Manner Affect Malpractice Cases?

Human beings are social creatures, whether we like it or not. We tend to base things strictly on the way they make us feel. It is a typical human experience to go to a restaurant and have a great experience based strictly on the wait staff. Or to absolutely love the new aerobics class at [...]

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10 Frequently Misdiagnosed Conditions

People make mistakes. When diagnosing a major health issue, your doctor shouldn’t. According to a study published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety, approximately 12 million adults who seek outpatient medical care are misdiagnosed each year. That’s 12 million people who are receiving either no treatment or the wrong treatment for major health issues. [...]

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Recent Success Story

I recently had the opportunity to assist a gentleman who was arrested and had to wear an ankle monitoring device. He was allergic to one of the substances that the device was made of. He had a rash over much of his body that was very itchy and made him very uncomfortable. I was able [...]

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Not just any Doctor can be a Medical Expert Witness

Not just any doctor can be a medical expert witness Doctors are highly educated, often trained in specialized medicine, and may have years of experience. But not every doctor will make a good expert witness. A medical expert witness is called upon in court to make your case and explain the technicalities. He also lends [...]

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The 4 ‘D’s’ of a medical malpractice lawsuit

The 4 ‘D’s’ of a medical malpractice lawsuit When patients are considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, or a doctor must defend one, they should consider whether the situation meets all four criteria common to this special kind of personal injury case. The four points that must be met in such a suit are commonly [...]

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