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Why Law Firms Need Medical Expert Witnesses

When you or a loved one is injured or becomes ill due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else, you will be met with a number of sudden challenges that can be difficult to overcome. Healing from physical injuries and illness is just the start -- bringing forward a claim with the assistance of [...]

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Medical Malpractice in Pediatrics

Few cases of medical malpractice are as heartbreaking as cases of pediatric malpractice. Children should be protected as much as possible, especially by the physicians caring for them when they are at their most vulnerable and are unable to care for themselves. However, many physicians are negligent or careless, leaving children with preventable injuries or [...]

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Why Does Malpractice Occur?

Medical malpractice lawsuits are fairly common in the United States. According to the Medical Malpractice Center, there are about 19,000 suits filed against doctors and other health care providers each year. These lawsuits are a result of a health care provider to provide appropriate treatment or to take appropriate action. The negligence involved in these [...]

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The Importance of an Annual Physical

Unfortunately, many people think that a yearly annual exam isn’t really necessary, especially when they think they are in good health. But, the truth is that nearly one-third of Americans who have a chronic disease are totally unaware of it. In fact, seven out of every 10 deaths in the US is due to chronic [...]

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Malpractice in Sports Medicine

The very nature of sports means that athletes typically need to see a medical professional more often than the average person. Whether they are obtaining care for an injury or simply ensuring they are healthy and well enough to continue playing, athletes of all ages are frequently in the physician's chair. Unfortunately, with more exposure [...]

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Mental Health Awareness Month: How to Get the Most Out of Your Psychiatry Visit

If you’re seeing a psychiatrist, you’re there to get professional help. It’s important that you’re honest and verbalize your complaints. Psychiatrists are not telepathic, and there are no blood tests for mental health issues like bipolar, depression and schizophrenia. It’s up to you to tell the truth about your symptoms instead of modifying the narrative. [...]

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Malpractice In Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment generally includes radiation treatment or chemotherapy treatment, and these two treatments are destructive to the human body. The treatment can be as awful as cancer itself. Often, there are unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are common. If not done right, chemotherapy and radiation treatment can lead to [...]

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Your Hospital Bill: What Is Tax Deductible?

When tax season rolls around, one of the top priorities on your to-do list should be tax deductions. And if you’ve spent any time in the hospital or paid other medical bills, there are a treasure trove of deductions. Many people don’t know whose medical bills are deductible. Hospital bills, medical expenses, and dental bills [...]

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The Value of a Medical Expert Witness in Court

Trying a medical malpractice case is much more than letting the facts speak for themselves. Every medical malpractice trial involves real people with a very real story. And expert medical witnesses play an important role in telling the story. They are worth their value in gold. Credibility and Persuasion An expert medical witness has a [...]

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Malpractice in the Delivery Room

Birth-related medical malpractice can occur in the delivery room when a doctor or other medical staff fails to use reasonable care that causes injury to the child or mother. Possible delivery room errors include Caput succedaneum cephalohematoma, Erb’s palsy, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and brachial plexus injuries. All of these birth injuries can be traumatic. How These [...]

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