What is a medical expert witness?

A medical expert witness is a trained physician who is hired to use his knowledge and skills in matters of the law. The information that a medical expert witness provides regarding a case is used in court and gives clients the opportunity to win a legal case with medical evidence provided by the physician.

Why do you need a medical expert witness?

You need a medical expert witness if you are involved in a case that is medical or hospital related because judges and jury members are most likely to trust the opinion of a trained physician. In any malpractice case, medical record interpretation, or medical record review is crucial and this is done by the physician.

Dr. Edward Mallory is a residency-trained, board certified emergency medicine physician and medical expert witness. Since he has been practicing Emergency Medicine for over 25 years, Dr. Edward Mallory is considered a medical expert in his field. He has reviewed numerous charts for both plaintiff and defendant attorneys as a medical expert witness with proven results.Let Dr. Edward Mallory be the right medical expert witness for you and get the winning results you desire. With a promise to be prompt, courteous and thorough when reviewing your case, he will present your case to you or a jury in a simple, easy-to-understand language.Dr. Edward Mallory has multiple degrees at both Auburn University and University of South Florida and has received his D.O. from A. T. Still University. He is trained in emergency medicine residency and is board certified.