Questions You Should Be Asking Your Primary Care Doctor  

A primary care doctor is your partner in health. It’s important to have clear communication to ensure that you’re in the best health. Whether you’re seeing your primary care doctor for the first or 10th time, there are some questions you should ask to get the most out of your [...]

Medical Malpractice In the Emergency Room  

A hospital emergency room can be a crowded and chaotic place. However, that’s no excuse for a medical error to occur to you. It’s important to note that an emergency room can be one of the most challenging settings for physicians. Medical malpractice law may even allow doctors more leeway [...]

How To Talk To My Attorney About Working With A Medical Expert Witness  

When you’re filing a medical malpractice suit, you need to work closely with your attorney in finding a medical expert witness. It’s important that your attorney finds the right medical expert witness for your case, and that this person is properly vetted. The bottom line is that your medical witness [...]